Hi, I'm Konrad.

Award-winning engagement, wedding and food photographer based in New York's Capital Region and beyond. I'm known for the ability to shape light and to capture others having an incredible experience. From exploring the environment to finding the perfect camera angle, nothing is off-limits for my clients. They lose themselves in the moment, which makes it easy to capture the right photograph, at the right time.

Check out some of my clients having the BEST time—it never gets old.


My love for photography started when my father bought a Canon Rebel XTi. From there, taking pictures occupied most of my free time as I experimented with the different settings and learned more about the camera. I have become so fond of taking photos that I see photography as an extension of my eyes. It's my greatest passion, a way to express myself and an opportunity to capture the present, creating an instant record of the past.


I don't like to limit myself.

  • Engagements and weddings
  • Food and culture
  • Portraits and fashion
  • Events and music
  • You name it, and I'll be there



“"Konrad truly has an eye for photos. He meets the needs of his clients and does everything in his power to capture the perfect shots! He truly is gifted! Konrad is pleasure to work with and most certainly reasonably priced!! We had an intimate wedding ceremony and he exceeded our expectations! We are happy that we had a photographer who was personable and truly passionate about the work they do ❤️ we cannot thank him enough."”