A tailored photography session for your café, restaurant, bistro, bar, and more designed to capture the essence of your menu items. I work with international brands and family-owned restaurants to thrill your audience with mouth-watering food images.

All of my photography services require tailor-made, creative solutions because every subject is unique in their own particular way.

That is why I will discuss the specifics of each photoshoot with you and your team before setting anything in stone. I want to be sure that I can align my style with your brand vision and tell a captivating story that will drive customer interest and visitation.

To give you a better idea of how I usually work, here is the basic framework that I follow before introducing custom requests from my clients:

Uncover the Soul of Every Dish, Dining Space, and Suite

Specializing in food, restaurant, and hotel photography, we capture the allure of culinary creations, unique ambiances, and luxurious accommodations in Florence and beyond. From fine dining to boutique hotels, our photos tell a compelling story. 

What’s Included: Each shoot comes with professional photo editing for vivid and engaging visuals.

Editorial, Social Media & Fine Dining Packages

Uncover the Soul of Every Dish, Dining Space, and Suite

This allows me to compile a precise list of the types of photos I would like to get for the session and maximizes our time together so we can enjoy a smooth shooting day with a clear goal in mind. 

Brand Identity Research & Planning

Your Brand’s Blueprint, From Mood to Media

We delve into your restaurant, food, or hotel brand’s DNA to create visual elements that captivate. With mood boards and shot lists, we set the stage for a cohesive and powerful brand identity.

Pricing: Project-based or hourly rates available.

Food Styling

Staging Your Culinary Art with Experts

Food should be both delicious and photogenic. Collaborating with a seasoned food stylist and a chef for special projects, we ensure your dishes are camera-ready and gastronomically exceptional.

Pricing: Add this specialized service to any photography package or book as a standalone to bring your culinary visions to life.

Areas Served

Professional food photography in Albany, Troy, Saratoga Springs, Lake George and the surrounding areas in New York.

Available for travel outside of the Capital District. Regional and national food photography available upon request for full day rates plus expenses.