Why I’ll Be Toasting You This New Year’s Eve

In case you missed it, there is one day left in 2020. I know, wild

While some people are chilling their champagne to pop 2020 into the past, I’m just in awe that the longest year EVER whizzed right by. So, I am trying to savor the last day of this wacky year. Before I turn the page to see what the New Year has in store, I’d like to affectionately toast to all that was 2020…. 

This year, I welcomed so many new amazing humans into my circle. Thank you for being here to share in my weekly adventures. Thank you.

 In a year where so many days felt long, unsure, and empty, my conversations with you have been a saving grace. 

While I didn’t get to do so many of the things I looked forward to doing in 2020, I was grateful to accomplish new projects and meet new people: 

       · I continued to shoot incredible weddings—first big, then small. The first one was with Berta and Mark at Lucas Confectionary. See more here

- I photographed engagements, elopements, editorial work.), even horses with their riders at an equestrian center. These quiet animals were incredible to capture. 

·        · I launched my blog to showcase my photography and reach current and new clients 

- I grew in the area of food and drink photography, first by expanding shoots for GrubHub, UberEats etc. as the pandemic hit.

- I began to shoot food and cocktails around the Capital Region for features in the Albany Times Union, local food and cocktail websites and independent restaurants

- Most recently I have expanded into the video realm working on local restaurant promos with Matt Whalen Videography and episodes of The Food Life for the Times Union.

But — I’m not hanging up my hat just yet! I’m spending this last day of the year plotting how I can make 2021 the best year yet. I’ll be kicking off the New Year shooting for thedishing.com restaurant, food and drink around the Hudson Valley. It really is my favorite thing to hear from you, so, if you have requests, feedback or projects you’d like to collaborate on in 2021, I’m all ears! You can reach me here

Whatever indulgence looks good to you this NYE (I’m thinking sweatpants, tacos, champagne, tequila, and lights out early), go for it.

In 2020, we’ve all earned it. Chilling the champagne and toasting you! 

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